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I Made A Sticky-Post!

Because I want to sign up for bsg_remix and the mods are SOO DEMANDING. ;)

My BSG Fic

spoilers through 3.20 "Crossroads," speculation for season four
Sam, Kara/Sam, (Lee, Tyrol) PG. Length: Medium. Sam deals with being a secret Cylon while everyone suspects his wife of being one.
Summary: you think you love someone, you love them.

Against All Others
spoilers through 3.20 "Crossroads"
Cally, Cally/Chief, PG. Length: Medium. Written for bsg_hiatusthon
Summary: the prompt was "Cally and Chief have a talk after Crossroads," but it's mostly a character-study.

spoilers through 2.20 "Lay Down Your Burdens
Kara/Sam, PG-13. Length: Long-ish. Written for bsg_hiatusthon
Summary: She was smaller than he remembered.

Untitled Ficlet
spoilers through 3.09 Unfinished Business.
Kara/Sam, PG-13. Written for the pyramidofdreams ficathon
Summary: How they ever ended up with those tattoos.

spoilers through 3.20, with speculation for season 4.
Laura Roslin (Kara, Lee, Adama), PG-13. Length: Medium. Written for femme_fic
Summary: three times Laura almost lays down her burdens.

What You Can't Let Go
spoilers through 3.09 "Unfinished Business"
Kara/Lee, PG-13. Length: Short. Remix of Needed, by nnaylime. Written for the bsg_hiatusthon remix challenge.

spoilers through 2.20 "Lay Down Your Burdens"
Kara/Sam, PG. Length: Short. Slightly AU New Caprica fluff.

Momentary Weakness
spoilers through 3.12 "Rapture"
Kara/Sam, PG. Length: Short.
Summary: Kara wondered how he always seemed to be around when she felt out of control.

Untitled Sequel to Untitled Ficlet
spoilers through 3.09, "Unfinished Business." Informed by 3.17 "Maelstrom."
Kara, Kara/Sam, PG-13. Length: Medium. Written for lyssie's birthday extravaganza. Hopefully a Work In Progress.
Summary: Because I'm such a good friend, I decided to write a fic all about Lyssie's two favorite Ronisms for her birthday: Kara's childhood abuse and her infidelity. Well, really it was the only Kara/Sam fic on my harddrive at that point. Still, I feel shame.

Happened Before
spoilers through 4.14 "Blood On The Scales"
Kara/Sam, PG-13. Length: Short.
Summary: Sam knew he was dreaming

Light at the End
spoilers through 4.20 "Daybreak, Part II"
Tory Foster, R. Length: Medium.
Summary: Whatever happened to Tory Foster.

Kara, Socrata Thrace, PG. Length: Short.
Summary: Written for the Gen Battle at karathracelives. Prompt: Watercolors, Leather Jacket, Slippery, Nuance.
Kara never knew what got into her that day.

No Regrets
spoilers through 3.07 "Torn"
Kara, Dee, Helo. Length: Short.
Summary: Written for the Gen Battle at katathracelives.
The first time she tried to give herself a haircut it the ship's head was right before the worlds ended.

Untitled Drabble
Kara and her love of flight (sort of)
100 words

spoilers through 3.20 "Crossroads, Part II." AU.
Cally/Tory. Length: Short
Summary: Suicide had been her first thought, but Cylons were hard to kill.

Just Another Word
spoilers through 4.20 "Daybreak, Part II"
Kara, Lee, God(s)
Kara has a Garden of Gethsemane moment. With bonus violence and profanity.

spoilers through 4.15 "No Exit." AU.
Kara/Sam. Length: Short
Summary: The tattoo on her arm was like the one on his own, the one he could never quite remember getting.

My Firefly Fic
Simon, River, PG. Length: Short. Written for family_haven
Summary: Written for the prompt: "Simon gets tired of babysitting River."
Tags: all my fic in one place!, bsg_fic, firefly fic
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