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Seven Days of Cally Tyrol , Day Three (...oops), Family

First off, apologies for FAILING at this daily posting thing. It as been A Week, complete with a new job [whee!], a new-to-me car, the breakdown of said new-to-me-car, a rental car... anyway, I'M SORRY CALLY I'LL TRY TO DO BETTER.

The new job is awesome so far, if totally overwhelming [holy shit I have actual clients coming to meet with me in my actual office, when did this happen???]; the only not-awesome thing about it is the commute, which is an hour and a half each way, so it's been busy. Though I did find the time to watch Ringer? Oh Buffy, the things I will do for you. o.O

Anyway, without further ado:

Like all the Galacticans, Cally was shaped by the loss of so many things and people.

We don't know much about her pre-apocalypse life, but I like to imagine her as the youngest of a large family - she's the right mix of being a bit of a brat, but one who can totally hold her own. Regardless, it's small wonder Cally clung so fiercely to the family she created out of the ashes of her loss.

I always had a sneaking fondness for Cally and thought fandom was *way* too hard on her, but it wasn't until the reveal that her husband was a Cylon that I fell in love with her character. I mean, how perfect. Here's someone defined by her desperate love and protectiveness of her family, and her (closely related) loathing for the Cylons , whom she reasonably(!) perceived as the greatest threat to that family. And then, the objects of her greatest love and greatest hatred turned out to be one and the same. OUCH. Yet, it had the potential to be awesome.

It's still not really okay with me that the writers decided to kill Cally off just when her story got most interesting, but then, that's why fanfic exists. XD (And for my next post...)
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