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I got back from my fourth (!) Dragon Con adventure on Monday morning, and I basically just woke up. ;) On the one hand, the Con FLEW by this year, and I'm still dealing with the fact that it's over. On the other hand, I'm not sure my health could stand it more than once a year. Though this year I managed to get more sleep than usual, thanks to the discovery that Advil PM counteracts my normal tendency to wake up excitedly at 6:30 even when I was up until 4 a.m. talking about BSG, politics, and how gorgeous Tricia Helfer really is.

Some highlights:

1. Really, the main attraction of Dragon Con for me is that it's essentially a four-night pajama party with your flist. It was just incredibly incredible to see many of you again and to meet some of you for the first time. Now, if only I could put the rest of you non-convention goers in my pocket and bring you along, my life would be complete. :D

2. I feel the need to mention the two BSG panels I went to somewhere near the top, as they are my ostensible reason for going? Mary McDonnell and Tricia Helfer are lovely, Mary gave a great answer to nicole_anell's* question about female relationships on the show, and Tricia and James used to drink whiskey together before their more intense sex scenes. Kevin Grazier was wankily defensive about "smart-ass fanboys" who insist that Cylon physiology doesn't make sense (DUDE... never mind), Hatch and Olmos were the usual, and Tahmoh is pretty much the nicest guy ever.

* though Nicole refused to take credit for the actual question; I can't remember whose it originally was

3. We all managed to get into a Saturday night screening of the new Doctor Who, which was amazing, if only a little less awesome than last year's screening of The Plan. Now I want to watch every Who episode with a room full of 700 extremely over-excited fans.

4. Even though I'm not into comics, I tagged along with emmiere and lyssie to a panel on comics and feminism, which turned out to be both enlightening and heartening as to the extent the panelists and the audience seemed to *get it.* Well, the panelists and most of the audience; there were a couple of "what about the MEN" questions which were effectively dealt with by the panelists, to widespread applause. And someone brought up the Batgirl fiasco, and a (male!) audience member yelled out "that woman is a hero," and the crowd went wild. Granted, it was a self-selected audience at this panel to begin with, but at least it was standing room only?

5. CARRIE FISHER. Truthfully I had no intention of going to see her until I heard everyone talking about it, but she is a fantastic performer, not to mention hilarious. Now I want to read all of her books.

6. Costumes! OMG, there was this one family with three tiny little kids; one dressed up as a tiny Dalek, one wee Cyberman, and one fun-sized Roman Rory. :eyehearts:

7. Fairies are real.XD On Sunday night we ran into two sort of life-worn, tipsy fairies taking wishes outside the Marriott Starbucks. I, of course, ran right over and asked them to grant me a job. To which they were like, "oh honey, you're not the first with that request," but said they'd do their best. And yesterday at around 4 p.m. or so, I. Got. A. Job. A real lawyer job too, and not the crappy paralegal/receptionist/volunteer briefcase carrier jobs I was totally not applying for in desperation. And it's working for a legal aid organization and not doing insurance defense. I can't even... considering I nearly wept with gratitude to even get an interview, this is amazing for me. Thank you, Dragon Con fairies!!!

In other news, I caved and signed up for Cally in the We Love the Women that Fandom Hates fest. Because I do! And this is an awesome thing, though admittedly depressing to read through some of the names and be like, "fandom hates HER? Oh, fuck the hell off!" Ahem. Posting every day is going to be a challenge for me, especially since my brother and his girlfriend are driving down to the Cape for my birthday so I should actually, you know, spend time with them *g* - but I'll do my best.
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